…helping people move from where they are to where they dream to be.

United Way of the Mid-South serves the greater Memphis area in improving the lives of Mid-Southerners by mobilizing and aligning community resources to address priority issues. As part of a strategy for creating equitable access to the fundamental resources and supports needed for people in the Mid-South to achieve their hopes and dreams, United Way of the Mid-South implemented a two-generation strategy, Driving The Dream™(DTD). Driving The Dream is a functional coordinated network of effective community-based services and supports to help families advance from where they are to where they dream to be.



  1. 2Unique Community Salvation Foundation
  2. Agape Child & Family Services
  3. Alliance Healthcare Services
  4. Anointed Temple of Praise
  5. Alpha Omega Veteran Services, Inc.
  6. American Red Cross, Mid-South Tennessee
  7. America Works
  8. Amerigroup
  9. Anaya Partnership/Youth Villages
  10. Anointed Temple of Praise
  11. Aquanita Barry Consulting & Counseling
  12. Apple Seeds, Inc.
  13. Believing Church
  14. Better Men Better Families
  15. Bethany Christian Services
  16. Binghampton Development Corporation
  17. Birthright Memphis
  18. BlueCare Tennessee
  19. Bodine School
  20. Boys & Girls Club of Memphis
  22. Capstone Education Group
  23. Casa-Global
  24. Catholic Charities of West Tennessee, Inc.
  25. Center for Employment Opportunities
  26. Center for Transforming Communities
  27. Christopher Pugh Center
  28. Church Health Center
  29. Churches-Families and Communities Together (C-FACT)
  30. City of Memphis – GVIP
  31. CMI Healthcare Services
  32. Collective Blueprint
  33. Collierville Literacy Council
  34. Communities In Schools
  35. Community Intervention Memphis
  36. Community Legal Center
  37. Coordinated Effort to Enhance Development (CEED)
  38. Customized Medical Needs
  39. Daughters of Zion All Women’s Bible College
  40. DeafConnect of the Mid-South
  41. DeNeuville Learning Center
  42. Divine Life
  43. Door of Hope
  44. Dress for Success Memphis
  45. Early Success Coalition
  46. Economic Opportunities
  47. Ella Bebe Angels
  48. Elements of Life
  49. Elite Performance Foundation
  50. Enchanted
  51. Families Matter
  52. Forward Memphis
  53. Frayser Community Development Corporation
  54. Freedom, Healing, Wholeness INC.
  55. Freeman Outreach Center
  56. Gestalt Community Schools
  57. Goodwill Homes Community Services, Inc.
  58. Golden Leaf Church
  59. Good Shepherd Pharmacy
  60. Grace House of Memphis, Inc.
  61. Greater Memphis Financial Empowerment Center
  62. Green Dot Schools
  63. Harwood Center, Inc.
  64. HealthTechnical Institute of Memphis
  65. Hope City
  66. HopeWorks
  67. I Am My Sister’s Keeper
  68. In the Arms of An Angel
  69. Integrated Addiction Care
  70. Jesus People Church
  71. JIFF, Inc.
  72. Kids In Technology
  73. Kindred Place
  74. Knowledge Quest
  75. Ladies In Need Can Survive
  76. Latino Memphis
  77. Le Dujour H.E.R.O. Village of the Mid-South,Inc.
  78. Legacy of Legends CDC
  79. Libertas School of Memphis
  80. Liberty Memphis
  81. LifeLine to Success
  82. Literacy Midsouth
  83. Madonna Learning Center
  84. Maximus
  85. Memphis Area Legal Services, Inc.
  86. Memphis Area Transit Authority
  87. Memphis Athletic Ministries
  88. Memphis Child Advocacy Center
  89. Memphis Crisis CenterT3
  90. Memphis Delta Prep Charter School
  91. Memphis Dream Center
  92. Memphis Gridiron Ministries
  93. Memphis Public Library & Information System (211)
  94. Memphis Jewish Community Center
  95. Memphis Urban League, Inc.
  96. Merge Memphis
  97. Meritan, Inc.
  98. Methodist Le Bonheur Community Outreach
  99. Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA)
  100. Mid-South Food Bank
  101. Mind Renewals, Inc.
  102. Mt. Ararat M. B. Church
  103. Mt. Zion C.M.E. Church
  104. Naturally Nurtured Birth Services
  105. Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc.
  106. Nercher Older Adult Community Resource
  107. New Ballet Ensemble & School
  108. New Sardis Baptist Church
  109. Oasis of Hope
  110. One by One Ministries
  111. One More Child
  112. Pathways In Education
  113. Peer Power Foundation
  114. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity (Tau Iota Chapter)
  115. Porter-Leath
  116. Professional Allied Health
  117. Progeny Place
  118. Promise Development Corporation
  119. Quintessential Planning and Resource Services (QPR)
  120. Raleigh Community Christian Child Care Center
  121. Reading with Mrs. Richardson
  122. Refugee Empowerment Program
  123. Respect The Haven
  124. RISE Foundation
  125. RiseTN
  126. Room in the Inn
  127. Schools of Perea
  128. SchoolSeed
  129. Seedco
  130. Shelby County Dept. of Human Services
  131. Shelby County Schools
  132. Shelby Residential Vocational Services (SRVS)
  133. Shirley Poole Legacy Foundation
  134. Sister Supply
  135. S.O. What! Foundation
  136. Southeast Regional Development Corporation (SRDC)
  137. Students2Master
  138. STS Enterprise Corporation
  139. Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry
  140. Synergy Treatment Centers
  141. Tech 901
  142. The Excel Center
  143. The Focus Group by Felecia
  144. The HART Center
  145. The Salvation Army
  146. The SMART Center
  147. Thistle & Bee Enterprises
  148. TN Voices for Children
  149. Transitional ReEntry Adult Program (T.R.A.P.)
  150. United Housing, Inc.
  151. United Parents and Students
  152. United Way Free Tax Prep (FTP)
  153. University of Tennessee of Health Science Center (UTHSC)
  154. UpSmith, Inc.
  155. Urban Strategies, Inc.
  156. U of M Dean of Students
  157. WorkSteady Works, LLC
  158. YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South
  159. YWCA of Greater Memphis
  160. Young Ladies of Change, Inc.

*160 Agencies Total as of 05/24 



2Gen for Tennessee

Driving The Dream™ is aligned with the two‐generation (“2Gen”) whole family service delivery model that has  been implemented within the Tennessee Department of Human Services. Known as ‘2Gen for Tennessee,’ this approach is consistent with the 2Gen service delivery model, which focuses on creating opportunities  for and addressing the needs of both adults and the children in their lives together. The 2Gen approach recognizes that families come in all different shapes and sizes and that families define themselves.  Our goal is to implement the 2Gen framework within the DTD partner agencies client intake and service delivery model, where all DTD programs are aligned and in synch – ensuring 2Gen tactics are applied when working  with all customers in all aspects of case management and service delivery.

This project is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee.

How it works and the expected impact

United Way estimates roughly 20,000 people in poverty can be promptly impacted by Driving The Dream in its early stages if we receive the support we need from donors, grantors, and other sources of philanthropy.

A coalition of local businesses who are all focused on investing in innovative poverty reduction solutions and economic growth strategies will create opportunities for us all. That means nearly 10% of Mid-Southerners in poverty can receive support now, and be connected to resources and opportunities to free them from generational cycles of poverty.

Families and individuals in poverty work with the Driving The Dream providers to create a “map of their dreams,” charting the order of steps, programs, and services necessary to help escape poverty and live the life of their dreams.

Leadership - System Advisory Team

Driving the Dream is guided by the System Advisory Team, which is comprised of leaders from the local health and humans services sector.  This guiding body was established to inform and influence system level practice and policy with the goal of addressing structural inequity that has perpetuated poverty in Memphis/Shelby County.

The DTD mission is to foster a DTD 2Gen community of practice where the people we serve are hopeful, resilient, and self‐sufficient.



All DRIVING THE DREAM™ Partners are trained to employ the Transitions to Success® care model and utilize the Arizona Self-Sufficiency Matrix (learn more & see the matrix here). Partners also centralize information, access client data, track client progress, and make/receive referrals through CoactionNet (a local, shared, web-based database).

Care Coordination Hubs

DTD Care Coordination Hubs are agencies in the network that employ care coordinators. These Care Coordinators work with individuals to create the “Map of My Dreams”  (care plan), refer families to appropriate services, and provide overall service coordination, coaching and support. The Hubs are housed at partner agency sites alongside their core programs, which increases access and eases stress for families seeking DTD services. The 2021 Care Coordination Hub partner agencies are Communities In Schools of Memphis (CIS Memphis), and Church Health.

Referral Network Partner Agencies

The DTD Referral Partner network is comprised of human services agencies that agree to adhere to  DTD guiding principles, adopt a common referral platform, participate in an enhanced online shared customer data system, and follow formalized policies and procedures for customer referrals and warm hand‐offs. Their primary responsibilities include informing individuals of services available at the Hubs, referring appropriate individuals to the Hubs, referring individuals to other DTD Referral  Partners, and accepting eligible individuals referred through the DTD network.

Outreach and Education Partner Agencies

Outreach and Education service partners actively reach out to individuals who could potentially benefit from Driving The Dream™, educate individuals about DTD and related resources, and connect individuals to a Care Coordination provider. Partners include agencies that frequently interface with clients, such as government agencies providing benefits or direct client services, 2‐1‐1, hospitals, childcare providers, schools, first responders, crisis centers, outreach coalitions, etc.

Driving the Dream is comprised of a number of partners


Funders and Supporters