Charitable Giving & Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with United Way is one of the strongest ways your organization creates positive impacts for people living in generational poverty.

We could not be the community’s champion for improving the lives of people in need without the help of our corporate partners. Through giving, advocating, volunteering, and engaging, your organization makes a tremendous difference. Please use the resources below when informing your organization about the work of United Way.

Why Partner with Us?

United Way of the Mid-South works with a variety of community agencies and programs to meet the complex challenges that poverty presents and to help create stronger, healthier communities where economic mobility is more achievable. 

We have implemented several strategies, including Driving The Dream (DTD), which includes top-notch community-based services to support individuals and families in the Mid-South. And we couldn’t do all that we do without support from corporate leaders and partners.

We invite corporate partners and sponsors to help us ensure equitable access to the critical resources that individuals need to enjoy better education, economic opportunities and healthcare. 

Benefits of Partnering With the United Way of the Mid-South

United Way is unique among charitable organizations because of the way we work with several non-profit organizations, companies, and government bodies to solve complex issues. Our corporate partners contribute not only money but also great ideas and volunteer power when they become part of our network of individuals, organizations and corporations working together to make a change. This in turn helps establish a stronger community. 

Not only does the community benefit, but the companies that partner with us also benefit in various ways: 

Make a Positive Impact in the Communities You Serve

United Way of the Mid-South aims to alleviate poverty, improve health outcomes promote success in school and build stronger communities in the area we serve. By funding United Way programs and activities, your company will not only create a positive change in the quality of life for people where you live, but will increase your philanthropic image in the community and bring more visibility to your brand.

Increase Employee Engagement

A corporate partnership with the United Way doesn’t just make your company look good to prospective customers and clients. It can be a source of pride for your employees as well, even helping to boost employee morale. 

You can increase employee engagement through the United Way’s volunteer opportunities, a workplace campaign for employee giving through payroll deduction, event sponsorships and more.

Increase Brand Visibility with Other United Way Supporters

Partnering with United Way of the Mid-South increases your brand’s visibility, image and reputation for commitment to community service among our donors and supporters. Businesses, individuals and organizations that are already involved with the United Way may be more likely to do business and build long-lasting relationships with companies that also step up to support their community. 

Philanthropy is among the best ways to enhance public perceptions about your company’s social responsibility. In addition, you will help elevate the community by meeting the most pressing needs of the people in your area. 

United Way of Mid-South works to enhance the lives of Mid-Southerners in a wide variety of ways, and partnering with us provides your business with a visible way to co-brand with the #1 non-profit in the world. Contact us today to learn more about corporate sponsorship opportunities.